Web-mercials are among the most powerful and affordable marketing tools NuWayNetwork Productions has ever seen. Similar to a television commerical, a web-mercial is an online video developed and customized especially for you and your business. Many websites only receive a glimpse or a fleeting pass by from potential customers. Studies clearly show that people who shop online stay on websites with video longer. A web-mercial will help your website reach its full potential, giving you a much greater likelihood of making a new client.

Rather than paying a "per play" fee as other forms of advertising require, you only pay a "one-time" affordable fee for a web-mercial that can be played at anytime by the multitudes searching for goods and services. A web-merical is a fantastic way for your company to implant your image, separate you from your competition, and build a personal connection between you and potential new customers! This powerful marketing tool even allows you to e-mail your Web-Mercial to thousands of potential customers!


NuwayNetwork Productions, LLC has been in the radio and advertising business for over 35 years. We specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses meet their advertising needs and improve their market potential.



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Our Clients

Below you may review some of the web-mercials we created for clients across various industry sectors and locations.

Dave Miller & Sons

Sanders Ford

Dogwood Crafts


David Greer & Associates

Advanced Metal Roofing

Our Approach

At NuWayNetwork we do all the web-mercial work from start to finish for an affordable one-time fee. Once we receive your final approval, your web-merical will be ready to use on your website so it starts working for you immediately!

Our team of audio, video, and website professionals can help your website more fully reach its potential with this outstanding advertising tool! Contact us by phone or email to get further details on how you can get immediate and lasting results with your very own web-mercial working for your business 24 hours-a-day and 7 days a week!



Phone: (570) 449-4720

Banks, Auto Dealers, Builders, Realtors, Insurance Companies, Doctors, Lawyers, Tradesmen--whatever your product or service, if you have a website, a web-mercial can increase the appeal of your goods and/or services dramatically.